Reef Water Chemistry

Water chemistry in your saltwater reef aquarium is extremely important.  Targeting specific numbers is not as critical as keeping your tank parameters stable.  If you want to adjust your aquarium’s water parameter make sure that you do it slowly.  Changing your parameters quickly is generally asking for trouble.  See the chart below for my recommended water parameter ranges.

Temperature ~ 77 to 83 degrees
Specific Gravity ~ 1.023 to 1.026
Alkalinity ~ 7.0 to 10.0 dkh (2.5 to 3.6 meq/l)
PH ~ 8.0 to 8.4
Calcium ~ 350.0 to
Magnesium ~ 1200 to 1380 mg/L
Ammonia ~ 0.0 mg/L
Nitrite ~ 0.0 mg/L
Nitrate ~ 10.0...

MACNA 2014

I am at MACNA in Denver, CO this weekend and I plan to post throughout the event the cool new products that I am seeing. The first thing this weekend that I have seen that I think is the star of the show is from Jelly Fish Art.  They are manufacturing all in one decorative aquariums for Moon Jellyfish.  They are stylish and look very easy to use.  They will even ship the moon jellyfish to you.  All you need to do is add saltwater.  Then even sell and send you the food.  They have all in one filtration systems...

Clear Screen Netting Aquarium Top

Most people with an aquarium have some sort of top or canopy to cover it. The most common types are plastic hoods and glass canopies. Plastic hoods do not have enough light to be used on reef aquariums. They also are not clear to allow you to use the high powered lighting that...

Catching Maroon Clown fish larvae

My maroon clown fish pair recently began to spawn again.  Unfortunately for me they are spawning on the glass which makes the collection more difficult.  I used to use the bowl method where you would use a flashlight to attract the larvae then scoop them out with a bowl.  It was time consuming and you will kill some larvae in the process.  I have seen some commercially available products called larvae collectors but read about a guy selling a DIY one.  I picked one up off of the marine breeding initiative site.  The way it works is that it is...

Skimz SM201 Protein Skimmer Review

I have been wanting to upgrade my protein skimmer on my 400 gallon reef system for a little while now.  For years I have been using ASM protein skimmers with great success but thought it was time to try one of the newer types of protein skimmers on the market.  After doing a bunch of research the Skimz line of protein skimmers caught my eye with it's nice robust look and very efficient needle wheel water pumps.  They also have a compact footprint which is very nice for in sump protein skimmers.  I decided to order the SM201 model from...