There are many aquarium DIY projects you can do to optimize your aquariums.  See the below links for DIY aquarium guides on how to make you own clear mesh aquarium tops, aquarium pumps, aquarium surges and anemone power head guards. Check back often as new DIY aquarium guides will be added.

How to create your own surge:

Aquarium surges are a great way to create flow in your reef aquarium.  These pages will give you step by step instructions on how to make an aquarium surge economically.

Sump Design Guide:

Creating an aquarium sump out of a glass aquarium is fairly easy and does allows you to keep most of the filtration, heaters and other items out of your aquarium.

Anemone Power head Guard DIY

Anemone power head guards can be made inexpensively using plastic perforated plastic sheets that you can get at your local fabric store.

Clear Mesh Tops DIY:

Clear mesh tops are a great way of keeping your fish inside your tank without blocking the light. Clear mesh tops are pretty easy to make and fairly inexpensive.  You can purchase the clear mesh material from me as well.

Protein Skimmer Air Filter DIY

The protein skimmer air filter DIY has a variety of uses.  This filter can help prevent toxic gases from entering your aquarium through the protein skimmer.  See the protein skimmer air filter on the next couple of pages for complete instructions on how to build it as well as its benefits.

Rotifier Sieve DIY:

Live rotifiers are a great food for your reef tank or to feed baby fish.  Having a good tool to harvest this food is a must. Making your own rotifier sieve is easy to do especially when you follow these steps. Quit using the coffee filters and make your own today.