Catching Maroon Clown fish larvae

My maroon clown fish pair recently began to spawn again.  Unfortunately for me they are spawning on the glass which makes the collection more difficult.  I used to use the bowl method where you would use a flashlight to attract the larvae then scoop them out with a bowl.  It was time consuming and you will kill some larvae in the process.  I have seen some commercially available products called larvae collectors but read about a guy selling a DIY one.  I picked one up off of the marine breeding initiative site.  The way it works is that it is powered by an air pump with adjustable flow. You want light bubbling so you do not damage the larvae.  The bubbles create an updraft which creates a current that pulls the larvae up, over a divider, down, and into a large chamber where the larvae rotate in the chamber.  Micron mesh blocks the water exit so the larvae cannot escape.  It is a clever device that works incredibly well.  In also came with a suction cup led light to attract the larvae to the entrance. Here's a video of it in action.  

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