Kolar Labs Non Indicating DI Resin

Kolar Labs Non Indicating DI Resin

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Kolar Labs DI Resins are specially formulated to reduce TDS levels to zero, leaving you with ultra-pure water. Our high-capacity, mixed bed, virgin nuclear-grade deionization resins have been manufactured with the highest degree of purity for use in RO systems by Lanxess to create ultra-pure water safe for all freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and ponds.

Every DI resin pack is vacuum sealed in mylar bags to optimize performance and preserve shelf life.


  • Reduces TDS to zero as final stage after RO membrane
  • Creates consistent, safe, ultra-pure water
  • High capacity and performance laboratory grade resin
  • For use in fresh and saltwater aquarium water supply systems, and RO filtration systems
  • A mixed bed 1:1 mixture of anion and cation gel type ion exchange resins
  • Non-Color Changing Formula
  • Indicating resin changes from purple to clear once exhausted
  • Guaranteed freshness and quality