Aquarium Overload 1/4" Clear Mesh Netting - 24” Wide Retail Packs

Aquarium Overload 1/4" Clear Mesh Netting - 24” Wide Retail Packs

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Clear mesh netting is great for many aquarium uses. The most common usage is to create an aquarium top with the clear mesh netting and aluminum window screen framing.   Check out my DIY pages for how to make your own clear mesh top for your aquarium.  Clear mesh netting tops are great for both fresh water and saltwater aquariums. They will help keep fish in your aquarium and will allow for good air exchange.  They also will minimize the blockage of light.  Glass tops will get dirty and will block the light and will required frequent cleaning. 

Clear mesh netting can be used for a variety of other aquarium usage as well.  You can use it as a tank divider when attached to a pvc frame.  You can use it to block items from going down an overflow box. Breeder boxes can be made as well using this netting.

All the sizes in this category are 24" wide.  The most common sizes are the 48"x24" which will work for most 75 gallon, 90 gallon or 120 gallon aquariums.  The 72"x24" will work with most 125 gallon, 150 gallon and 180 gallon aquariums.  

This clear mesh netting has approximately 1/4" x 1/4" openings which is great to keep in most smaller and larger fish. Very small fish like neon and clown gobies can possibly get through the netting.