Rotifer Sieve DIY

Making a DIY rotifer sieve is very easy.  All you need is 53 micro mesh, a 3” pvc coupler and some super glue.  It comes out to be close to the same price as one that you can by but you will have plenty of mesh left over to make another one or to replace one that may wear out. Another benefit of using PVC couples is you can attach PVC pipe to lengthen the rotifer sieve.

The first thing that you need in order to create a guard is a suitable material. I ordered the mesh through amazon.  The mesh needs to be 53 micron mesh or it will not catch the rotifers.  The next step is to trace the outer shape of the PVC couple on the mesh and cut out the circle with scissors.

- Add super glue to the perimeter of the coupler. 
-Then add the mesh.  Be careful when placing it as you do not want to smear glue all over the mesh. Let is dry for a couple of hours and it is ready to use.

You can add PVC to increase the size of the rotifer sieve incase you want to do water changes on your rotifer culture and not suck up any rotifers.