Power Head Anemone Guard

One problem that many people have keeping anemones is that they like to move around when first introduced into a system.  One concern during this time is that the anemone will get sucked into an aquarium power head.  In order to help this situation I have come up with this inexpensive guard to help prevent the anemone from getting sucked into a power head.

The first thing that you need in order to create a guard is a suitable material.  At a local craft store I found this plastic mesh that is used for knitting,  It is cheap, easy to work with and comes in many different colors.  The mesh’s cutouts are around 1/8”x1/8” square. I chose black since my Tunze power heads are black.

I cutout two shapes of material.  One is used to cover the front of the power head.  The circular opening is for the output of the power head.  The long strip will be wrapped around circumference of the power head.
Zip ties were used to attached the two pieces together.


Here is the completed guard.  The pieces were cut so when the guard is slipped onto the power head the fit is snug,  This is what worked for my power heads (Tunze 6100’s).  For other types of power heads similar guards can be made.