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Skimz SM201 Protein Skimmer Review

I have been wanting to upgrade my protein skimmer on my 400 gallon reef system for a little while now.  For years I have been using ASM protein skimmers with great success but thought it was time to try one of the newer types of protein skimmers on the market.  After doing a bunch of research the Skimz line of protein skimmers caught my eye with it's nice robust look and very efficient needle wheel water pumps.  They also have a compact footprint which is very nice for in sump protein skimmers.  I decided to order the SM201 model from...

Eheim Jager Heater Review

Choosing an aquarium heater can be difficult because there are so many options.  Over the years I have tried many brands but I had always been a fan of Ebo-Jager heaters.  Recently I finally bought new ones as my existing Ebo-Jager aquarium heaters that are 10 plus years old have started to have issues.  First off Ebo-Jager aquarium heaters are now Eheim Jager heaters.  I believe Eheim ended up buying the Ebo-Jager brand.  I had purchased a 50 and 250 watt versions. They also make a 25, 75,100,125,150,200, and 300 watt versions. On to the review.