Marine Breeding Initiative

In the last year I have gotten very interested in breeding and raising saltwater fish.  I was searching for a good website that was dedicated to marine fish breeding.  I got some website recommendations from other experienced saltwater fish breeders and instantly became hooked to the Marine Breeding Initiative website and forum.  The entire website is broken down into two sections.  The first are is a report area where you can earn points and document milestones such as spawning, hatching and settlement of the saltwater fish larvae.  You can search through 100's of reports on how certain species were raised and spawned.  The second section is a forum where you can keep breeding journals, and ask questions on raising fish, inverts and how to establish food cultures. If that is not enough they also hold an annual breeding work shop in the Detroit Michigan area that has speakers and workshops on marine breeding. This year it is being held on Saturday July 28th.  I hope that I can attend as it looks quite informative. If you are looking to start raising any saltwater fish or inverts the Marine Breeding Initiative website is a place to check out.  My username is goat585 and you can see my reports on my successes. Marine Breeding Initiative  

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