Onyx Percula Clownfish Larvae

My Onyx Percula clownfish spawned recently and I hatched the eggs in a half full 10 gallon aquarium.  I have been having some problems with the clownfish larvae dieing in the first 8 hours after hatch.  I usually take the water out of the brood stock tank and use that for hatching the larvae in the larvae tank.  This time I used 50% newly made saltwater and 50% water from the brood stock system.  For this batch I ended up with 60-70% surviving the night and after 5 days I have about 50 larvae left getting close to metamorphosis.  This method has giving me a much better success rate than what I have had previously.  For future batches I plan to do the same or use 100% newly made saltwater.  I am thinking that the brood stock water may have too much nutrients, phosphates or bacteria causing issues with the newly hatched larvae. Here is a video of the newly hatch Onyx Percula clownfish larvae. http://youtu.be/pncHD80thfY

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