Clear Mesh Aquarium Divider

I have a bunch of clear mesh material left over from making my clear mesh aquarium tops and needed a divider for one of my saltwater aquariums.  I decided that I could make a divider using PVC and the clear mesh.  These dividers can be used to isolate fish from each other, isolate fish from certain areas of the aquarium or get creative and come up with different dividers or cages that can have many uses in the aquarium. The first thing you need to do is get the supplies.  The items needed are four 1/2" PVC elbows, 1/2" PVC pipe, clear mesh material (you can purchase through me), and zip ties. The first thing is to measure your aquarium and determine the size you need to make.  You can then cut the PVC pipe.  Then you can lay out the pieces. Next insert the PVC pipe into the fittings.  Once this is done you can test fit it in your aquarium to make sure that it fits correctly.  I do not glue fittings in case I need to adjust the aquarium divider. Next cut a piece of clear mesh so that it is larger than the frame. Next use zip ties to attach the clear mesh to the frame.  Wrap the mesh around the PVC pipe to help prevent any gaps between the clear mesh and PVC frame. The last step is to cut off the excess material off of the zip tie to make the clear mesh aquarium divider look nicer. That completes the clear mesh aquarium divider DIY.  If you would like to order the clear mesh please contact me.  I will ship for around $3 and the material is around $.75 a square foot depending on the amount needed.  Please contact me here: Check back for more DIY aquarium articles

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