Coral Fragging Shear 7.0 inch DR Instruments BS70A

Coral Fragging Shear 7.0 inch DR Instruments BS70A

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Coral Fragging Shear Made by DR Instruments Model Number BS70A

Heavy Duty cutter for fraging hard and semi-hard stony corals. This coral cutter is made with fine quality stainless steel and has 1.2" cutting jaws for cutting large and thicker corals. Precision ground jaws help to cut corals precisely with little to no effort. Available in double tension spring or single wire spring for smooth cutting action. Overall length 7 inches.  Great for coral fragging.  This cutter works on most SPS and some LPS corals including Montipora, Birdnest, and Acropora. 

According to one of our customers and an experienced reefer, to cut thick corals follow these instructions: "Because the blades are very sharp/hard they just bite in. A quick twitch of the wrist and you got a clean frag. I have cut some very thick frags."

Rinse in tap water after using in the salt water to prevent residue build up.