At Aquarium Overload we sell clear mesh netting and rotifier mesh.  We offer free shipping to all US orders and low cost shipping for International orders. 

Clear mesh netting is a great choice to use when you make a clear mesh top for your aquarium.  Using our DIY Instructions you can make your own mesh top for your aquarium.  You use aluminum window screen framing and cut to fit your aquarium.  Then add the clear mesh netting and you have a durable long lasting aquarium top that will work well for both fresh and salt water aquariums.  The advantage of the clear mesh netting is that it does not block light like egg crate, or glass tops which require constant cleaning.  Our clear mesh netting has 1/4"x1/4" opening so it should prevent most fish from jumping out of the aquarium.  It also allows plenty of air exchange to help keep your water parameters in line.  We sell standard sizes with widths of 18", 24", 30", and 36" in lengths up to 6ft.  We can also do custom order size with widths up to 10ft wide.  Please contact us for custom sizes, bulk orders and group buys.

Our Rotifer mesh is a 50 micron mesh that will easily catch your rotifers.  You can follow our easy DIY Instruction on how to make a Rotifer Sieve.  These work great for catching rotifers.  They are long lasting and very durable.  We sell several sizes up to 12"X12".  We can do custom sizes as well.  Please contact us for custom sizes.